FB Influencer Masterclass Q&A

Learn the systems and the strategies you can use to drive your business forward and communicate with more people.

What You’ll Discover in
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Learn how to attract the right people to you by creating a magnetic online brand.

Gain the confidence and courage to unlock the power of FB Live. Uncover the strategies to get more engagement on every FB Live you do.

Create an endless source of leads by purposefully building your online audience.

Experience real duplication through learning to effectively optimize FB groups.

Turn FB “friends” into real friends in an authentic way and start 3 to 5 new conversations a day with my 3 Bucket Strategy.

Unleash the power of momentum by creating healthy competition and recognition in FB chats.

Listen to what these Influencers are saying about the Masterclass…

Gary Stern


“You’re probably a lot like me, wondering how in the world people are using Facebook to grow their business into multi-million dollar businesses. I was one of those who chase people left and right, literally chasing them off… then I took Justin’s FB Influencer Masterclass. It’s been all the difference in the world! It paid for itself literally within the first week of taking the course. Your business will be completely transformed afterwards!”

Jan Paxman


“Recently Justin reached out to me and asked if I and members of my team would be interested in his FB Influencer Masterclass. We applied the tips and strategies that he taught to our team and it has revitalized the energy in our team. We’re having better success, and we’re better prepared to serve. I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone looking to grow and train their team!”

Amber Swanson


“I was able to take this course and it has already totally transformed my business… I was able to set-up a Facebook group and create a buying environment for the guests that are looking to be part of the opportunity and part of the journey that we’re on. This course was worth a hundred times the cost. Justin spoke from his heart. He’s very, very passionate about this industry and I just can’t say enough how fabulous this course is.

Cherise Matthews


“I was introduced to Justin Prince’s Masterclass and I have to tell you that it has transformed my business because it was truly about the “How to Do This”… His information, his content is just chock-full of information. What impressed me the most is that he’s genuine, he’s all about connecting with your team and connecting with people to create real relationships. I’m very grateful that I took this course. It’s fantastic!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training specific to any network marketing company?

No. The FB Influencer Masterclass is designed for anyone who wants to increase their influence on FB regardless of what company they are in. The training is 100% generic and no specific company will be talked about during the course.

Is there any real results that people have gotten from these strategies?

Yes, absolutely! My entire US/Canada business was built using these FB strategies. We grew by over 1100% in just over a year. What this kind of growth meant was I had normal people who had part-time businesses who were not succeeding, explode their businesses. I had, for example, a young 23-year-old woman who was struggling and stuck at around $2,000 in monthly team sales volume with no clear plan in sight to grow, go to over $200,000 a month in sales and completely change her life. I could continue with example after example of both big and small success stories.

If I’m not satisfied can I get my money back?

For sure. Here’s the offer I’ll make to you: If you go through all 6 Modules, and the bonuses, and at the end feel like you didn’t get as much or more value as you put in, I want you to have your money back. I’m 100% confident that this course will have significant impact on your business. Does that sound fair?

I’m a beginner or I’m more advanced in FB, will this still help me?

This masterclass is designed to go slow enough that even a beginner can use this to start to become a FB Influencer. The masterclass will also give a more advance FB user and network marketer the strategies and system to really grow their business. I am confident that both a beginner and an advanced builder will gain tremendous value.

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