You Don’t Need Probable. You Only Need Possible!

The “odds” of Justin Prince accomplishing what he has were not probable. Fortuntely, he didn’t need “probable”, he only needed “possible”. His parents were divorced at age 12. He moved 13 times in the next 7 years. His “professional” background was limited to making pizzas at 16, lining ditches with rocks at 18, and selling animated bible movies out of a mall kiosk at 21. He had no college education, dropping out after 1 semester.
Justin always had the desire to live a significant life. He finally got the courage to start his first business at 25. He put all of his blood, sweat, tears, and savings into his first business, and after almost two years, it abruptly failed. This left Justin and his young family in debt and scrabbling to figure out what to do next. After getting over the pain of failure, Justin moved his pregnant wife and two kids into the loft above his in-laws garage. He found two part time jobs and started another business. He remembers many sleepless nights where in the pitch black he would say to his wife, “Are you awake? Am I crazy? Am I chasing a ‘fake dream’?”

Believe what is "Possible"
NOT ONLY "Probable"

Since that time, he has gone on to build 4 multi-million-dollar businesses. His current business does well over $100M a year in sales. He has been able to share his story about believing what is “possible” and not just what is “probable” in 20 countries around the world. He has built a social media following of over 100,000 people. Most importantly to Justin, he has helped thousands of people start from the bottom and create successful businesses.