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3 words + 3 years = 1 Million Customer Orders

3 words + 3 years = 1 Million Customer Orders

How you speak to your customers matters.

As you know, no one wins an argument. Trying to convince people doesn’t work. My Dad told me years ago, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!”

So, how do get customers to begin using your product?

These 3 words helped our company do over 1 million customer orders in our first 3 years.

Find out what they are in the video below…

Instead of shopping, I was dropping #cartalk #truthbombs 😉

Look forward to hearing your feedback of how this helps you.

Remember, your goals and dreams are important. Your pursuing them is worth it. And your accomplishing them is necessary.

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  1. Justin,
    Brother this is genius! I’m so with you on never arguing that your product is better. No one likes to be told that they made the wrong decision. The product they have might be a good product but in order for them to find out if they prefer yours is to compare. Good stuff Justin Prince.
    Thanks brother,
    Jake Purdy

  2. Thanks so much Justin! Give and it shall be given…. (as the ole saying goes),.. and you just flat out GAVE. This script is so simple, so elegant, so honoring. Scripts work because scripts are precise, proven and demonstrate an energy of professionalism. Perhaps we can end (I’m talking to all those natural born persuader’s out there who say “Just wing it from your heart. Scripts are stupid.) debate of scripts or no scripts. Every Leader uses a script. Even the natural born Influencers. Follow a high producing / customer gathering king or queen in the marketplace – who states they “don’t believe in scripts’…and I’ll bet you’ll hear them saying 90% of the same words in their exposure conversations.

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