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Ignite Your Business & Your Life

How To Sell More By Simplifying Your Presentations

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one on your team who can present to prospects? Perhaps your team sees you as the one who has the charisma, passion, and skill to carry a presentation and close like crazy. As flattering as it is to be recognized for your skills, if you’re the only one [...]

The 3 Key Components Of A Presentation That Sells

You do the prospecting … you invite like crazy … you follow up like you’re supposed to … and still, only a small fraction of your prospects show up to your presentations. Does that sound familiar to you?  It’s a frustrating and discouraging reality of network marketing. But if you ‘wow’ those who show, more will [...]

The No. 1 Mistake Every Network Marketer Makes When Presenting

I know how hard you work to get prospects to show up to your presentations. But if they don’t enroll or buy, your presentation feels like a lost opportunity, a total waste of time, and the catalyst of disappointment and frustration. My friend, I get it. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve made my fair [...]

Handling Objections: How The Pros Answer “I’m Not Interested”

Everything we do is done for a reason, if not many reasons.  Take a second to think about that...  You got married for reasons. You started a family for reasons. And you get frustrated with your spouse for, you guessed it, reasons (legit ones, I’m sure).  Reasons matter. And if you give people the right reasons—ones that really [...]

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