[Episode #11] Who Are You Hanging Out With?


 ⬇ Full Transcript of Episode #11 Below ⬇ [00:00] If you hang out with losers, you're going to become a loser. Hey guys, this is Justin Prince. Les Brown, one of the famous motivational speakers in the world, his mama told him [...]

[Episode #11] Who Are You Hanging Out With?2018-06-19T21:15:12+00:00

[Episode #10] The Power of Words


 ⬇ Full Transcript of Episode #10 Below ⬇ Have you ever heard someone say sticks and stones will break my bones but what? The words will never hurt you? That is complete crap. Hey guys, it's Justin Prince. I want to [...]

[Episode #10] The Power of Words2018-05-26T01:00:53+00:00

[Episode #6] The Price of Rejection


 ⬇ Full Transcript of Episode #6 Below ⬇ Hey, this is Justin Prince. Have you ever had someone just smash your dreams? Or smash your goals? They just pour their poison all over you. You leave them, and you're just like [...]

[Episode #6] The Price of Rejection2018-03-12T07:00:26+00:00

[Episode #5] Stop Destroying Your Future


⬇ Full Transcript of Episode #5 Below ⬇ Hey, this is Justin Prince. Now you're building your business but you're actually destroying your business at the same time. I know that sounds like, what? What's this guy talking about? What I wanna [...]

[Episode #5] Stop Destroying Your Future2018-03-08T07:00:57+00:00
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