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Hey, this is Justin Prince.

Now you’re building your business but you’re actually destroying your business at the same time. I know that sounds like, what? What’s this guy talking about? What I wanna share with you is this.

The words that you’re using will either create or destroy your future and becoming more aware of the words that we say is one of the most important things [00:00:30] you can do to create the mindset, the mentality to maximize the power of words.

So I wanna share with you guys four strategies you can begin using to make sure that you’re using your words to create your future versus using your words to freaking destroy your future, right? So let me share with you the four strategies.

Number one, analyze your self-talk. The most important conversation you’re gonna have every single day is the conversation that you have with yourself. Stop lying to yourself. I remember talking to my little girl and she would have these little meltdowns you know, [00:01:00] as kids sometimes do and she’d be like, I can’t. No matter what you say, she’d be like, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. I’d be like oh my gosh, let’s do your homework. I can’t. Let’s help clean your room. I can’t. She was going through this kind of tantrum. Well one day I sat down with her when she was kind of out of her tantrum. I said to her, I said, “Do you consider yourself a liar?” She goes, “No. No, of course not.” She’s not. She’s as sweet as they come. She actually is … she’s like my wife, she just follows every rule perfectly, right.

So she said, “No I’m not a liar.” She’s not and neither are you, right? Are you a liar? Of course not. So here’s the thing. I said, “Would you lie to someone else?” She goes, ” [00:01:30] No.” I said, “Then why are you lying to yourself?” She goes, “What do you mean by that? I’m not lying to myself.” I said, “When you say I can’t or you exaggerate, this never goes for. I’ll never succeed. I always fail. We start exaggerating, using these big terms. Everything’s going wrong. Every product is back ordered. No, not everything is going wrong. You don’t always fail. You haven’t tried everything. You can’t, stop it. Yes you can. So [00:02:00] here’s the point. Why would you lie to yourself? You need to analyze your self-talk. These lies that you say will destroy your future and the truths that you say, will create your future.”

Number two, stop speaking negatively. Here’s the deal. Your subconscious mind, you have a subconscious and a conscious mind. Your subconscious mind will believe whatever you tell it. So when you speak it out loud, you’re speaking truth into the world. Your subconscious mind says, got it, right? It doesn’t know the difference between reality [00:02:30] and distortion. It doesn’t know what you’re saying as far as is that true or false. It just believes everything that you tell it. So what I wanna show to you is this. You say well how stop speaking [inaudible 00:02:39] what if my business has some negative things or my relationship has negative things? I’m supposed to just walk around and just be so happy all the time and fake everybody out and there is no weeds, there is no weeds, there is no weeds. I don’t believe in that at all. I believe there’s weeds, let’s go tear out the weeds. Identifying, it’s like an alcoholic. What’s the first step to getting over your issue? Admit. Admit that you got an issue.

Say well how do I admit [00:03:00] it if I’m not gonna speak negatively ’cause my issue is negative. It’s positive and productive. You can use positive and productive words to say here’s how we’re gonna overcome this. Is this a challenge or is this an opportunity? My opportunity is I need to overcome this stuff and I’m going to do it. So what I wanna share with you is this.

Stop owning all of your issues. You own like, I’m not a good recruiter. I’m not good at sales. Okay, like who are you trying to convince? Are you selling [00:03:30] yourself on your own self limiting beliefs? Stop saying that stuff out loud. Stop speaking the negative. You can do it in a positive, productive way. I’m becoming better at sales. I’m becoming a better more powerful recruiter. You can change the same stuff, identify the same challenges you already have but do it in a tone and with tact it’s positive and productive.

Number three, begin speaking positive. Your words have power. What I wanna share with you is this. Ask yourself this question. What are you currently grateful [00:04:00] for? Right now, what’s two or three things you’re grateful for right now? Just start asking yourself that. Your mind can scan, your mind proactively scans and finds the negative. It’s like the flight or fight mode. It’s like, how does this keep [inaudible 00:04:11] find, like you’re biologically primed to do this. Lion, cliff, rock. Avoid. So your mind’s already finding all that, scanning and finding the negative. You can actually program your mind to scan and find the positive and what’s going on.

I’ll give you another quick example. What’s going right for you in your life right now? It’s not all bad. [00:04:30] What are some of the good things? What are the blessings? Ahh … even like that next breath, you know? I’m still alive. I’m still beating, I’m still fighting. I’m still swinging. Here’s the thing, you can say words like, I am strong. I am smart. I’ll figure this out. Remember I’ve worked in with our business, we have in a board meeting and it’s stressful and everyone’s around the table trying to figure it out and everyone’s getting into that real decisions, real pressure. I’m not talking like Pollyanna world here, real stuff. Tens of thousands of the impact [00:05:00] of tens of thousands of families on your decisions. I would say, you know what? We’re strong. We’re smart. We’re gonna figure this thing out. Speak some positive into the room. Speak some positive into the situation. Analyze what do I have going well right now? What could we be grateful for? It’s not all bad. Don’t over exaggerate when it gets tough. Speak positive.

Last thing I’m gonna share with you is this. Number four, speak with power. You want your words to become physical. What I mean by that is if I say it, [00:05:30] I mean it. If I mean it, I do it. So when you tell someone you’ll be there at seven, you’re there. You tell someone I’m gonna go build a business, you will do it. Steven Covey probably says it best. He says, “When you make a commitment to yourself, do it with clear understanding that you’re pledging your integrity.” So in other words, don’t go out there telling everyone what you’re gonna go do and you’re gonna write the book and post the You Tube and be the man and be the woman and build the business and get into shape and get ripped abs. Dude, if you’re gonna say that stuff, you better make that stuff real. So make [00:06:00] a commitment ’cause you’re pledging your integrity to every single thing you say becomes physical. You don’t say it unless you’re completely committed to making it happen. So you begin speaking with power. The good book says that life and death, so success and destruction, right, are in the tongue. They’re in the power of the tongue. Why? ‘Cause you can speak things into existence. You can speak literally with power. You’re like, we’re gonna go do this and then you go make that happen. You pledge your integrity and go make that happen.

So [00:06:30] I wanna encourage you to become more aware of the words you’re using. The words that you’re using have power. They have power to create your business and they have the power to destroy your business.

Remember this, your goals and your dreams they are very important and your pursuing them is worth it and you’re accomplishing them. It’s necessary.