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Have you ever heard someone say sticks and stones will break my bones but what? The words will never hurt you? That is complete crap.

Hey guys, it’s Justin Prince. I want to talk to you about the power of words and what words you’re giving power to in your life. As you become an entrepreneur and a sales professional and a leader, you’re going to have people that will attack you. I don’t know why this is, [00:00:30] it just is what it is. You’ll stand up and they’ll smash you down. You’ll grow up and they’ll slice you down. You’ll try and climb out of the bucket, and they’ll pull you back into it.

This happened to me literally the very first day as an entrepreneur so 25 years old, it was a Sunday morning. I told my wife, I’m like we’re doing this thing, honey. Like we’re going to change our whole life, we’re going to move out of this home and this neighborhood and like we’re going to grow into the people we want to become and go to church.

We leave the congregational meeting and I’m in the hallway and I have these two guys at church. Now these guys were like church friends. Do any of you have a church friend? They’re not even your real friends, you don’t even really know these people, you just see them at [00:01:00] church or at like your job or whatever it might be. These are like church friends and they said to me you know, “What are you up to?” I asked them about their family, “What are you doing? How’s your wife? How’s your kids?” Cool. He said, “What are you up to?” I said, “I’m actually starting a new business. I’m really excited about it.”

These two guys started making fun of me at church, like literally like laughing, like belly laugh, like, “You’re going to be an entrepreneur?” Like oh my gosh, slapping their knee. Just started making fun of me at church. Now here’s the thing, I had three emotions immediately come into my mind. The first one is I thought chin, chin, I’m going to knock these two dudes [00:01:30] out and here’s the thing, I used to be a Golden Gloves and a Junior Olympics boxer long time ago. I tell people the older I get, the tougher I was.

My very first thing was like I’m a 25-year old grown man, you can’t make fun of me like this. Now I want you to know, not only did I not punch them, which is a good thing, but also I repented. Okay, so don’t judge me right now if you’re like what, this guy wanted to punch him? What a jerk! Look, I’ve repented, okay?

Number two is I wanted to defend myself and I wanted to say to these guys like how dare you say this? Like your life sucks and you don’t even care about … Like [00:02:00] you’re not doing anything about it, at least I’m trying to make something of my life, at least I’m trying to grow into the person I’m trying to become. I wanted to defend myself and like defend my dreams and defend my reasoning and my logic.

The third thing I wanted to do is I wanted to grab the words that I’d already said and put them back in my mouth and like pull them all back and just pretend like you know what, if I hadn’t told anyone then if I quit at this no one knows because I haven’t even told anybody and then I don’t even feel like a real quitter.

Here’s the thing, guess what I did? I did none of the three. I just stood there like … I had all these emotions going in my mind, all these emotions going [00:02:30] in my body. I said nothing, none of the three. I’m going to ask you a question, why did I give those two church friends, their words, so much power over me? I almost quit the very first day and I say almost quit like I wanted to quit so badly.

I’ve gone on to build incredible businesses, incredible life, been able to travel the world and speak and make an incredible living and build organizations that effect positively influence and impact all over the world, and I almost quit day one, gave away all that potential because of their words. They [00:03:00] stung so badly. They ripped so deep.

Here’s my question I want to ask you, why? Why do you give their words so much power? If a three year old walked up to you and said you’re dumb or you’re going to fail, you’d be like okay, cool and you’d just let them walk away. The same words that they say you would give no power, but then the words that someone else says, you give those words more power. You get to decide and choose how much power you give people’s words.

My advice to you in this video is to choose carefully what words you decide [00:03:30] to give power over your life. I didn’t say whose words, I said what words. Now why? Because the same person that might inspire you may be the same person that tears you down. In one setting they say you can do it and in the other setting they say you’re an idiot. As you build your future and as you build your dream and as you build your potential, choose carefully what words you decide to give power to.

Now remember this, your dreams, your goals, they’re important. Your pursuing them is worth it and your accomplishing them is necessary.