You do the prospecting … you invite like crazy … you follow up like you’re supposed to … and still, only a small fraction of your prospects show up to your presentations. Does that sound familiar to you? 

It’s a frustrating and discouraging reality of network marketing. But if you ‘wow’ those who show, more will come and your team will grow. Let me walk you through how to capitalize on your presentations so the prospects who show up purchase, join, and participate. 

Why Your Presentation Must Deliver Every Single Time

Before we dive in, think about this:

The most valuable gift any prospect can give you is their time and their attention. 

And you’re asking for it by encouraging them to attend your presentation. So no matter how many prospects show up, you must crush it for them. Plain and simple. The gift they’ve given you is far too valuable to go to waste. 

The Key Components of a Successful Presentation

There are three key components of a successful presentation, no matter who shows up. 

#1. Be Concise. The no. 1 mistake almost all of us make is sharing too much. Giving too much information is a waste of our prospects’ valuable time. If you waste their time, they won’t give you a second more of it. That’s why so many say “no,” and never give you a chance to turn that “no” into “yes.”

#2. Be Organized. Flow matters. Can they follow along or are you jumping around? What you share and how you share it impact their decision to say “yes” or “no.” An organized presentation is clear, concise, and compelling, always. 

#3. Keep It Simple. A confused prospect never buys. Remember that. Your goal is to share only the things that they need to know right now. If it’s not necessary to say, it’s not necessary to say it. Think about that.

Don’t over-complicate the process of presenting, my friend. Success loves speed, and speed loves simplicity. If you keep it quick and concise, organized and thoughtful, and as simple as possible, you will crush your presentations and close like crazy. 

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