I know how hard you work to get prospects to show up to your presentations. But if they don’t enroll or buy, your presentation feels like a lost opportunity, a total waste of time, and the catalyst of disappointment and frustration.

My friend, I get it. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I know you recognize recruiting is the only way to reach the next level. But remember, presenting is a key part of recruiting that you can’t simply work around. Let me show you exactly what you’re doing wrong, so you can fix it fast and ensure every presentation pays off from here on out:

Are You Sharing Too Much?

The no. 1 mistake we all make is sharing too much during our presentations. The last thing you want to do is overload or overwhelm prospects with too much information in the limited time you have with them. 

That’s because a confused customer never buys.

Like you, I love my company, its products, and my teams. I’m always excited and lit up to share the opportunity with others. But long ago, I recognized my presentations were basically turning into long-winded trainings; and prospects were long gone before I even got to my pitch.

The bottom line is when we share too much, we confuse our prospects. If you’re hearing “no,” I can almost guarantee you’re sharing too much.

Let’s talk about how you can share less to convert more:

If It’s Not Necessary To Say, It’s Not Necessary To Say It

The best thing you can do for your presentations (and your prospects) starting now is to be more strategic with what you share.

Think of it like this: Everybody is on a need-to-know basis.

Let’s say you have a family: Your 8-year-old doesn’t need to know things your 15-year-old does. And your 15-year-old doesn’t need to know things your 25-year-old does. And so it goes.

The same goes for your prospects. 

Your prospects don’t need to know everything your team does. Your team doesn’t need to know everything their upline does. And your emerging leaders don’t need to know everything you do.

You get the point: If it’s not necessary to say, it’s not necessary to say it.

Ensure Your Presentations Don’t Turn Into Trainings

Your presentations aren’t trainings—and your trainings aren’t presentations. 

If you want to grow your team and sales, you need to be more strategic and more succinct with what you say and share during presentations. By doing so, you’ll stop confusing and overwhelming your best prospects. 

And therefore, you’ll stop blowing opportunities and burning through your best people. 

What You Should & Shouldn’t Share During Your Presentations

So how do you ensure your presentations are succinct, strategic, and successful? How do you turn 79 slides into 17, an overwhelming pitch into a strategic invitation, and any prospect’s confusion into clarity?

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