Everything we do is done for a reason, if not many reasons. 

Take a second to think about that… 

You got married for reasons. You started a family for reasons. And you get frustrated with your spouse for, you guessed it, reasons (legit ones, I’m sure). 

Reasons matter. And if you give people the right reasons—ones that really register with them—they’ll listen to you. No matter how skeptical, busy, or guarded they are. 

We’ve all had prospects turn us down for one reason or another. 

They say they’re not interested before you open your mouth … they say they don’t have time when you’re only six seconds in … or they say they don’t have money before you reveal how affordable network marketing is.  

Trust me, I know firsthand how disheartening that is. Recruiting is one of the biggest roadblocks I had to overcome early on in my network marketing journey. 

But people will always have the time, money, and desire to hear you out if you give them the right reasons to listen. 

Just as I memorized these reasons when my mentor shared them with me, back when I was learning about handling objections, I encourage you to do the same. So let’s dive in…

5 Legitimate Business Reasons Why Every Person Should Hear You Out & How to Leverage Them to Ignite Your Recruiting

Imagine if you could flip no into yes … skepticism into support … and excuses into interest. Think about how your recruiting would explode. 

You can do just that when you know and understand these 5 legitimate reasons why people should hear you out.

Reason 1: It always makes sense for good people to meet.

Say you want to introduce a prospect to another leader on your team. 

Let the conversation play out like this: 

“This may be for you or it may not be. Either way is totally fine with me. I just believe it always makes sense for good people to meet. So let me introduce you to Amanda because I think you’ll get a ton of value from meeting her.” 

Here’s the kicker you can toss in if need be: 

“There’s enough negative people in the world. So it’s always nice when a couple of the good ones get together.”  

That’s powerful stuff that’s rooted in honesty. It’s hard to say no to something so genuine and authentic. 

Reason 2: All good business is referral business.

Referrals are the best compliment you can get in any business, network marketing included.  

Here’s how a conversation might go: 

“I believe all good business is referral business. And I’d love for you to see what I have going on. Because even if it’s not the right thing for you, it may be the right thing for someone you know.”  

Now the pressure’s off. And even if they don’t want in, they’re empowered to spread the word to somebody who does.

Reason 3: Life timing.

Wondering what life timing is? It’s finding the right prospects at the right time in their life. 

Some of the best people in this business take years to recruit due to timing. 

One of my million-dollar producers made me wait over and over again to get her on board. But guess who was there when the timing was right? Now she’s a total rock star in this business. 

Plant those seeds now so even if they say no, they come back to you when the time’s right.  

You can frame the conversation like this

“I know how important life timing is. So if right now is the wrong time for you, that’s totally ok. But I at least want you to see what I’m up to. Because if your situation changes, I want to be the first phone call you make.” 

Think of it like hands on a clock, there’s the big hand and little hand. When they align, it’s what I call “High Noon” … the right people meeting at the right time.

When high noon hits, they’re all yours.

Reason 4: Get crystal clear on what you’re saying no to. 

I use this one to win recruiting battles. It can help you do the same because when you’re targeting A-players, chances are you’re not the only one going after them. 

Approach the conversation like this: 

“Listen, I totally understand if this isn’t for you. I just want you to be crystal clear on what you’re saying no to. If you’re interested, great. If you’re not, that’s fine. I just want you to have all the info before making a decision.”

Leave them with some food for thought they can take back to chew on. The decision is theirs, but at least they’ve heard you out.

Reason 5. Knowledge is never a disadvantage. 

There are always things we know, things we don’t know, and things we don’t know we don’t know. 

It might sound convoluted, but in reality, it’s as easy as understanding that opportunities exist for you that you may have never realized. 

The same goes for your prospects. Intrigue them with this thinking.

A potential conversation can go like this:

“I believe knowledge and good information is never a disadvantage. So I’d love to have you at least watch this 3-minute video. If it’s for you, great. If not, that’s totally cool. At least you’ll know what I’m up to.” 

Again, knowledge is never a disadvantage. On the flip side, having knowledge puts you at an advantage. Whether you act on it or not, you’re better off knowing it.


Okay, so let’s review…

Approach every conversation with confidence and ignite your recruiting by leveraging these 5 legitimate business reasons why everyone should hear you out:

  1.         It always makes sense for good people to meet.
  2.         All good business is referral business.
  3.         Life timing.
  4.         Get crystal clear on what you’re saying no to.
  5.         Knowledge is never a disadvantage. 

Know them and apply them. Even better, stack them together like this:

How to “stack” all 5 reasons so they roll off your tongue

The last thing you want to do is stumble over your words treating these reasons like a script. Here’s how I personally bring them together to harness the power of all 5 — all while keeping the conversation authentic and natural: 

“Listen I know how busy you are. I appreciate you being so transparent with me. I just believe that knowledge is never a disadvantage. So I’d at least love to share with you what I’m up to.

 Even if this isn’t right for you, it may be right for someone you know… and I believe all good business is referral business. Plus, if your situation ever changes — maybe 6 months, 9 months, or a year from now — I want to be the first call you make. 

And I can’t wait for you to meet Lauren, because I believe it always makes sense for good people to meet

And at the end of the day, I just want you to be crystal clear on what you’re saying no to. If it’s for you, great. If not, that’s totally fine.”

See how that comes together? It’s powerful stuff, my friend.

Why It Works 

  • You’re “stacking” reasons. Each reason can work independently, but when you stack all 5 prospects can’t help but hear you out.
  • You’re making it ok for them to say no. You’re relieving the pressure with this inviting approach. Instead of pushing them away, it draws them in.
  • You’re informing and educating. Why is that important? Because it empowers your prospects.
  • You come across as confident and competent. Few things are as appealing as confidence. When given the opportunity, people want to be a part of it. 

My friend, you can be a great recruiter. And given it’s the master skill in network marketing, you need to be. Use these reasons to ignite your recruiting.

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