Do you ever feel like you’re the only one on your team who can present to prospects? 

Perhaps your team sees you as the one who has the charisma, passion, and skill to carry a presentation and close like crazy. 

As flattering as it is to be recognized for your skills, if you’re the only one who can present, you’ll always be a crutch for your team, your growth will be limited, and your time will be abused. 

Can I share with you the strategy behind every great presentation? 

It’s a simple strategy that allows you to create and share a presentation that anybody can learn, teach, and duplicate. 

In doing so, everybody on your team—from top to bottom—can present and close just like you do. Imagine that!

Success Love Speed. And Speed Loves Simplicity

Success loves speed. That’s why you want to go fast in your business. But speed loves simplicity.

Therefore, your no. 1 job is to speed up your success by simplifying  your presentation.

Complexity creates friction and confusion, my friend. It pours sand in your gears that slows down your success and scares your best prospects away. 

By simplifying your presentation, every team member can give it, every prospect can understand it, and everybody can be successful.  

Simplifying your presentation is the first and most important step to building a winning presentation others can learn, teach, and duplicate. 

The More You Know, The Slower You Go

Like I said before, success loves speed and speed loves simplicity. But the more you know, the slower you go. You need to speed things up. 

When you know too much, you tend to share too much. 

Let’s say you know every little thing about the company, the CEO, the comp plan, the products, and more. You know the company’s history like the back of your hand, the CEO’s origin story as well as any superhero’s, every benefit and bonus of the comp plan, and you have your own PHD on each product’s benefits and features.

My friend, keep those details to yourself. 

I get it—you love being aligned with the company … you’re proud of what you do … and it lights you up to share. But it also means you pour way too much information into your presentations.

Thus, you slow your business down by overwhelming your best prospects. 

When you cover too much, you slow everything down. Let’s talk about how you can cover less to convert more.

The No. 1 Way To Close More Prospects During Your Presentations

The bottom line is success loves speed and speed loves simplicity. How do you speed up and simplify your presentations to ensure they’re successful?

Stop adding—and start removing.

In other words, stop asking yourself what you can add to your presentations. Start asking yourself what you can remove from them. 

Ask yourself things like:

  • What really helps my prospects buy or join (and what doesn’t)?
  • What do they need to know right now (and what can wait)?
  • What common doubts, questions, and concerns must be addressed right now (everything else can be removed)?

Find the answers to these questions and you’ll no longer be the only one who can give a killer presentation.

Download My Free Breakthrough Business Presentation Template Here

If you want my help creating or fine-tuning your presentation, click here to download my free Breakthrough Business Presentation Template. You can quickly customize it to your company and business to speed up your success, simplify your presentation, and create a shareable and duplicatable resource everybody on your team can use to ignite their recruiting and grow your business (and theirs) faster.