Are you over the roller coaster of recruiting? 

Wish you could go from scared to fearless to spark up more conversations and rapidly grow your team? 

Of course you do. No matter what level you’re at or what company you’re with, recruiting will make or break your network marketing success 

That’s why you gotta check this out, I call it #Project100 … and I’ve literally used it to build some of the fastest growing teams in the world while helping my leaders do the same.

Introducing #Project100: The Secret to 10X Your Recruiting In 30 Days Flat

 My friend, how many prospects do you have in the hopper right now? 1, 2, maybe 3? 

A few prospects here and there will never be enough to move the needle. 

What if you talked to 100 prospects this month?

Depending on how long you’ve been in this business, that’d probably be more conversations than you’ve ever had — all in just 30 days.

Now, imagine how that would explode your recruiting

 You’d be trading stagnation and slow growth for droves of new enrollees fired up to join your team. Talk about momentum!

Okay, so here are the 5 easy steps to do just that:

Step 1: Write a list of 100 people.

The first step to getting there is creating a list of 100 people. The game plan is to see how fast you can contact people to get through the list…

Pro Tip: Get ‘em from the get-go! When you know, front and back, the 5 legitimate business reasons why people should hear you out, you’ll have confidence to spark up conversations with anybody — including the 100 people on your list.

Step 2: Create inviting scripts.

Every person you never invite will always be a no. You have to invite them to get your foot in the door.

That’s where inviting scripts comes in: Jot down what you’re going to say as a bulleted list.Don’t fret about the details. Just ask yourself what it is you want them to know … and what you want them to act on. 

This script will evolve as you start having conversations and getting feedback from prospects along the way. You’re a quick learner, so I have no doubt your script will be on point just a few conversations in. 

Pro Tip: Think of recruiting as a transfer of belief. The uninspired can’t inspire. Show how much you believe in this and they’ll believe in you.

Step 3: Create follow-up scripts.

After you have an invite script to guide you, move to a follow-up script. 

Creating this follow-up script tells you exactly what to say after you’ve led them through the prospecting flow. 

This is your chance to hook them after they’ve had a chance to digest your pitch.

Pro Tip: The fortune is in the follow-up. Having a follow-up script makes it easy to follow up fast without any hesitation or excuses.

Step 4: Offer fun incentives.

Who doesn’t love a little fun, right? 

When your business is a grind, it sucks. Nobody feels like they’re winning. 

Killer incentives, like weekly prizes, can change all that. I still offer incentives today to keep my teams fired-up to recruit. And you can do the same for your team. 

Pro Tip: Get together with your leaders and pool a few bucks together to serve as incentives to get your entire team on board with #Project100.

Step 5: Create a start-stop deadline.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. We’ve all felt it whether it’s missing your kid competing in a sport or passing on wine night with your friends.

Same goes for your recruiting…

A start-stop deadline creates that FOMO and a real sense of urgency.

That deadline can create a recruiting frenzy for your team and your prospects.

Pro Tip: As Jim Rohn says, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses value.” With some added urgency, you’ll inspire prospects to take rapid action.

Complete Your #Project100

#Project100 is one of the exact recruiting strategies I’ve used to build my network marketing empire. It makes recruiting fun, simple, and exciting. More importantly, it works.

Now that you know what to do, start your list and knock it out. I look forward to hearing about your success.

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