Most of us spend our time with people who wear us out; I’m sure you have a few folks on your team who are known to whine, blame, or make excuses. 

Trust me, I know the type. 

I call them energy vampires. You probably already know who they are. It tends to be obvious because they spike your anxiety, stir up drama, and make you cringe when they call.

As network marketing leaders, we need to set a higher standard for who we invite to join our teams. 

The problem is you want to win so bad that you’ll take almost anybody on your team. 

My friend, I know that feeling. But I gotta be honest: Inviting just anybody to join your team only makes your life harder.  

You can mIss out on the right people by working with the wrong people.

Sometimes who you enroll isn’t as important as who you don’t.

The truth is there are plenty of great prospects out there. Total rock stars looking for a home. At one point, you were one of them! Here’s how to find more people like you to build your network marketing empire:

5 Key Characteristics Of Great Prospects

#1: They already have good people skills. Look for people who are warm, friendly, and easy to talk to.

#2: They’re reliable. These are people who do what they say they’re going to do. They never flake. They always show up and honor their commitments.

#3: They’re coachable. You’re not looking for robots that need instruction every step of the way. You don’t have time to “program” prospects. But you do want people who will take direction, so you can coach them up without holding their hand.

#4: They already have some credibility and influence. They don’t have to be A-players already. But if they have a tad of credibility and influence, they can start racking up wins in a hurry — even if they’re brand new to network marketing. 

#5: Look for high-yield, low-drama people. These are people who prioritize dreams over drama. They take action without causing headaches for you—or anybody else. And they fit the culture of your team like a glove. In short, they’re solutions, not problems.

Napoleon’s Recruiting Advice

You might be wondering why it’s so important to recruit the right people. And why I’m preaching quality over quantity.

Well, take a look at any big network: You’ll see it’s built on just a few key people.

Napoleon nailed it when he said:

“Don’t tell me how many troops they have. Tell me who their generals are.”

My point is this: You only need a few key recruits to build your empire and change your life. 

Instead of burning through every prospect playing the numbers game, start honing in on the right prospects and play to win.

Key People Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

To recap, you don’t need an army — just a few generals.

Generals check all 5 boxes above.

They make your life easier … they can run teams and trainings … and they’re the kind of people that empires are built upon.

The best part is you can find them, recruit them, and attract them by focusing on the 5 key characteristics above.

It’s as simple as that.

Now go find your generals, my friend!

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