We all have our blind spots in this business, myself included. But once you know they exist, they’re 100% fixable.

This one is hands down the most common blindspot when it comes to recruiting: It scares your best prospects away and stops the conversation before it starts. 

For the record, nobody’s immune to it. I used to make this same recruiting mistake and I’ve seen leaders at every level struggle with it…

Let’s shine a light on it to ignite your recruiting…

The No.1 Mistake Every Network Marketer Makes

You ask for too much, too fast. 

You don’t even know it, but chances are you’re overstepping your credibility and influence. 

The result? You feel the sharp sting of rejection all too often. Let me share a quick story to really illustrate this point for you…  

Don’t Overstep Your Ask

Let’s rewind back to the 80s or 90s (oh the nostalgia!) when pay phones were on every corner.  

Imagine walking into a diner (pick your favorite: Denny’s, IHOP, Waffle House … any will do). You’re presentable and friendly, and as approachable as you normally are. 

You kindly go up to a family enjoying their meal. You tell them your car broke down, and politely ask for a quarter to pop in the payphone so you can call your spouse for help. Remember, there was no Venmo or Zelle back then..  

The wife digs into her purse, hands over a quarter, and wishes you well.  

Easy peasy. Mission accomplished. Now let’s run through the same scenario, but let’s ask for something different … 

Same diner. Same family. Same situation.  

This time, you ask for $2,500.  

What do you think happens? 

The same family that would give you a quarter in the blink of an eye tells you, politely, to take a hike. 

25¢ was no problem … $2,500 was impossible.  


You asked for too much too fast. 

Your credibility and influence were good enough upon meeting them to get a quick quarter. But for $2,500? Forget it. 

The point is most network marketers ask for $2,500 when they should be asking for a quarter. The money is symbolic of anything you’re asking for. In most cases, it’s your prospect’s time.  

Don’t ask for $2,500 when all you have is 25¢ of credibility and influence. And don’t ask for 45 minutes of their time, when all you’ve earned is five minutes. 

Make sense? Now how do you apply to this recruiting?

Ask Yourself This One Question

Am I asking for quarters? 

In other words, what can I ask and get a yes to? This is possibly the most important distinction to know before you approach any prospect.

Your best ask isn’t always to get your final result. Treat each question or request as a building block that will eventually get you there.

Your requests must match your credibility and influence to skyrocket your chances of getting a yes, and your recruiting pitch heard. 

Over time, both will grow so you can ask for more. But until then, don’t overdo it.  

Ask for quarters, my friend.

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