Do you know who your most important recruit is? 

If you can’t get this one person in the game, you’re never going to win. Plain and simple. 

But my friend, this person is probably not who you think it is …

Your most important recruit is … you!


Because before you can recruit others, you need to prove you’re all in. 

How Committed Are You?

Really ask yourself that … you’re either in or you’re out. 

I always say there’s no lukewarm winners in network marketing.

Let’s take it a step further:

Would you want you to mentor you?

Are you reading books and attending events you’d want your mentor to? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? Are you giving advice and walking the talk?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, you need to get committed before you get recruiting. Or else you’ll just keep making the same mistakes.

By showing your commitment, great prospects will be attracted to you.

Imagine how much easier that would make recruiting. Instead of chasing prospects, they’re, in some ways, chasing you.

So how do you solidify your commitment?

Prove you’re all in by surrounding yourself with the right leaders … pursuing the right growth opportunities … and putting in the work to win every single day. 

Example Is the Essence of Leadership

If you want recruits to come to you, then you need to lead the way.

Don’t recruit someone else to do all the work. The work needs to be done by you. Then the hard-working recruits you so desperately want will be attracted to you.

In other words, the tongue in your shoes should be outworking the tongue in your mouth.

Stop thinking, talking, and hoping — and start earning your stripes.

The Bottom Line Is You’re The X-Factor

As the final litmus test on your commitment, ask yourself this:

“If my team did everything I’m doing, would business explode?”

If the answer is “yes,” you’re set up for recruiting success. If not, you gotta take a long, hard look in the mirror. 

Recruit yourself to that level and success is inevitable, my friend.

Sure, it’ll still take time and effort. But when you’re that committed, eventually it’ll all come together.

You’re more powerful, resourceful, and capable than you think.

Remember, build your empire by leading the way. Nobody else matters until you’re all in.

Now go recruit yourself!

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