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Hey. This is Justin Prince. How do you win more with people?

How do you win more with people? Dale Carnegie wrote the book years ago How to Win Friends and Influence people. How do you win more friends and how do you influence more people? Here’s what I want to share with you. If you can’t figure this out, if you’re constantly losing and constantly coming off the wrong way to people, you’re not showing [00:00:30] up in the right way, you’re just never going to be able to really muster the influence you need, the impact you need to really change people’s lives and really make the difference you want in your income and make the difference you want on your family, on your business and so on. I want to share with you three tips how do you win more with people starting today. Three tips you can become more aware of.

Number one is identify your impact. Consider this question, what is one situation that right now you can think about that you can improve your impact in that situation? How are you showing up? How are you treating people? Are you leaving [00:01:00] people worse than you found them or better than you found them? Identify your current impact.
Number two is discipline your disappointment. I worked with a gentleman years ago who was a mentor of mine. He said “Your discouragement is a luxury that you cannot afford.” Your negativity, your pessimism, your ug comments on social media, your passive aggressive crap on social media, like the ug comments you make in the room, you’re pulling everybody else down. You’re affecting everybody. I want you to go through three quick insights. Number one is you need to grow up. How’s that for telling you the truth? You need [00:01:30] to grow up. Knock that off. Number two is get a hold of your emotions. Number three is change your perspective. Remember this, you don’t see the world as it is. You see the world as you are.

If it’s raining outside and you’re ticked off and the rest of us are grateful, the weather didn’t change. Or if we look at the bush and you see the thorns and was all see the roses, the bush didn’t change. Grow up a little bit. Get a hold of your emotions and change your perspective. Discouragement is a luxury you can’t afford. Discipline your disappointments. You’re going to have them, of course you are. That’s part of what you do. It’s part [00:02:00] of life. It means it’s a sign of growth that you’re winning and you’re losing and you’re failing and you’re succeeding. It’s part of the deal, so just discipline your disappointments.

Number three is increase your intention. What I mean by that is this, how are you showing up right now? When you walk into the room or to the next meeting or to the next Facebook Live or you go from one call to the next call, how are you showing up in the next thing? What happens is the transitions are what kills us. We take our negativity from this or the stress from this into the next meeting and then we [00:02:30] enter that room with the stress then we go to the next meeting and the next meeting. How are you currently showing up? Can you show up differently? I love what Brendon Burchard teaches. He talks about doorframes. He calls them triggers. He creates different triggers. His triggers are bring joy.

Walks into the room and his thing is how do I bring joy into this room. My question is you walk into the room, walk into the next sales call, walk into the next presentation, walk into the next time with your kids, you walk out from the garage into your home, how can you bring joy? How can you bring passion? Increase your intention. Ask yourself who [00:03:00] can I serve? Who can I uplift? How can I bring joy into this room? When you increase your intention on every new transition, you’ll go through and you’ll start affecting people and winning with people in a different way.

Guys, identify your impact, discipline your disappointment, and increase your intention, and you will begin today immediately to start winning with people, to start influencing them, to start impacting their life and ultimately to inspire them to be the best they can be and the best you can be.

Remember this, your dreams, your [00:03:30] goals, they’re important. Your pursuing them is worth it and your accomplishing them is necessary.