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Are you feeling stuck in your business? What can you learn from the founder of McDonald’s to get you unstuck?

Hey, guys.it’s Justin Prince. Are you feeling stuck in your business like it’s going pretty good, but you’re just stuck? It’s not moving forward the way you want it to move forward? Let me ask you a question. Who is the founder of McDonald’s? For most of us, we’d be like, “Um, I don’t know. Ray Kroc?” They actually built a whole movie about Ray [00:00:30] Kroc’s story called The Founder. Ray Kroc wasn’t the founder of McDonald’s. The founder of McDonald’s was Dick and Maurice McDonald. Let me share with you a quick story that will help you get unstuck.

Dick and Maurice started McDonald’s in a barbecue in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Over the next 12 years, they honed down this business system where they sold burgers, fries, soft drinks and shakes. Ray Kroc was a milkshake salesman. He sold an apparatus called the Multimixer that could make five shakes at once versus the one at a time. In San Bernardino in 1952, these [00:01:00] guys ordered eight Multimixers. Ray drove all the way over there to see who needs eight Multimixers, pulls up, and they had revolutionized the way you did fastfood. They didn’t have a car hop where you’d come up in roller skates. What they did instead is you could walk up to the window. Instead of taking 20 minutes to get a burger, they built a system to get you a burger in 30 seconds. Also, instead of charging 30 cents per burger, you could buy one for 15 cents.

Ray Kroc sees the system. He didn’t invent the system. He witnesses the system, and he pulls Dick and Maurice’s idea and says, “Guys, you’ve got to franchise this. You got to expand [00:01:30] this. The vision’s got to get bigger. You got to set a new goal here. We could do more with this.” Guess what Dick and Maurice said. They said, “We’re doing really good. I mean with all due respect, we made over $100 000 each last year.” Now, in 1952, this is a really significant amount of money. Herein lies the reason they were stuck and the lesson that you can learn to get you unstuck. That is this, that good is the enemy to great.

Dick and Maurice were doing really good. You’re probably doing pretty darn good in your life. Let me give you an example. [00:02:00] How is your health right now? You’re like, “Oh, nah, it’s pretty good.” How is your marriage? “You know, it’s not terrible. It’s not great. It’s pretty good.” How’s your business right now? “It’s pretty good.” How is your job? “Well, my job is pretty good.” Your good is the enemy to your becoming great. Bad is not the enemy to great. If things are bad enough where like, “That’s enough is enough. I’m changing this. This is bull. I have a bigger life vision than this garbage I’m living in.” That’s not the problem. You’ll change when things get bad. Your good [00:02:30] has got you stuck. You’re doing just good enough in all these different areas that you haven’t moved past it.

Let me give you three tips that will help you to get unstuck, help you go from good to great, from an ordinary to extraordinary. Three tips, number one is create a bigger vision. If you hae to think, then think big. What would the vision look like? What charity would you give back to? Where would you travel to? Who would you serve? What would you do if your vision was bigger? How would that impact people? Start creating [00:03:00] more reasons that are bigger than the reasons you have now. This will help you to get unstuck. Number two is set a new goal. One of the most important things you can do is set a new goal. A goal that’s clear. It’s attainable. It’s realistic, and it’s time-bound. You’re like, “I’m going to go do this.”

I remember a couple years ago, I was doing well with my business and doing well with my family and my career and all these different things. I was traveling the world, making an influence on people, an impact on people. I remember thinking, “I’m not getting too comfortable.” I just remember waking up thinking like, “Uh, I don’t like this feeling of I’m not fired up when I wake up. I’m comfortable [00:03:30] because things are getting too good.” I know it sounds weird, but I was like, I’m too … The good is the enemy to me becoming great, so I set a new goal. I wanted to get sharper in my physical fitness. I set a new goal to do this men’s physic competition at 17 weeks, hired a trainer, got a partner. I went public to anyone that would listen. I said, “I’m doing this thing.” People watched the progress. That helped me to become sharper in every area of my life. I set a new goal. I’m going to encourage you. Set a new stretch goal.

Number three is get uncomfortable. The worst thing for ambition is comfort because comfort is [00:04:00] the enemy to progress, so the guy that built the term comfort zone, he wrote a whole book on it, he said, “When you get outside your comfort zone, you’re uncomfortable.” We already all know that, but then, he said this. “When you expand your comfort zone, it doesn’t retract. It stays expanded.” All the juice, all the passionate, all the fire, all the energy of life is outside of your comfort zone. Right now, you’re living a good life. Not a bad life. A good life, and that’s becoming the enemy to a great life because you’re in your comfort zone. I’m going to encourage you to get out of it, become uncomfortable. [00:04:30] Move forward, so remember this, guys. Your dreams, your goals, they’re important. Your pursuing them is worth it, and your accomplishing them is necessary.