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Your thinking has gotten you this far, but to go to the next level, you need new thinking. Hey, guys, this is Justin Prince. So look, how do we take your business to the next level? We need new thinking. Your individual genius has gotten you to this point. Your life’s experience, your wisdom, the things that you’ve been … your perspective. It’s gotten you to this point. To really go to the next level, we engage [00:00:30] the individual genius of everyone around you and create what I call collective genius. Now, collective genius is only possible when you work together as an organization or as a team in the spirit of synergy and the spirit of humility. Humility means that we’re all willing to invest into the soil and create the idea that will grow because it’s fertile soil. We’re all willing to learn and to listen. Then you can truly pull from your collective genius of your entire organization. The collective genius will take your organization to levels that you’ve never been able to take it to by yourself.

I’ll give you a quick example. [00:01:00] I’ve talked about Ray Kroc on here. Ray Kroc is this genius of a guy that saw all these components of the McDonald’s brothers’ business, and he put them all together into a real estate empire and a fast food empire that’s unrivaled anywhere in the world. Now here’s what’s so interesting. Some of the biggest ideas that created billions and billions and billions of dollars of revenue did not come from Ray Kroc. They came from the collective genius of the other franchisee owners. The other people that were in the [00:01:30] trenches, in the field building their businesses. They started coming up with the ideas as well. It happened like if you will in the economy. It wasn’t the government that did it. So, here’s the point I want to make. The Filet O’ Fish, Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, McChicken, Chicken Nuggets, they all came from the franchisees. That wasn’t from Ray’s mind, but what Ray did is he created the spirit of synergy and a spirit of humility where they could all work together to build ultimately the collective genius. This is how you take your business and your organization to an entirely different level.

Remember, guys, your [00:02:00] dreams, your goals are important. Your pursuing them is worth it, and your accomplishing them is necessary.