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How do you overcome personal development overwhelm?

Hey this is Justin Prince.

So have you ever had personal development overwhelm? Like you fell like you’re learning all this stuff and the all the training and you read the books and you went to the seminar and you watched all the Facebook Live trainings and all the modules. It’s almost like it’s so overwhelming, you’re not even sure where to go next. I was recently giving a seminar and I was doing the questions [00:00:30] and answers at the end, and this woman stands up and basically asks this question. She’s like, “I listen to the Facebook Lives, and I do the training and I listen to the calls and come to the event and meet the people, and it’s just so much, I’m not even sure where to start.”

I want to share with you a super simple strategy you can use. I actually learned this from John C. Maxwell, the world’s foremost authority on leadership. He calls it ACT, A-C-T. So how can you apply the acronym A-C-T to help you overcome personal development overwhelm.

A is apply. So as you learn information, what can you apply? [00:01:00] Instantly, what are you learning that you can apply to your business? What are learning you can apply to your team? What are you learning you can apply to your life? Remember this, life is not an information process, life is an application process. If you want the power, you do the deed. So you don’t get the power by the learning, you get the power by applying. So my first thing is what can you apply. Pick one thing you can apply.

Number two is change. The C stands for change. Which is, what’s one thing that you can change. You just heard this information, what’s one thing in your daily pattern or in your prospecting, or in your [00:01:30] leadership, that you can change to make you better. Right? So you’re applying a principle, and you’re actually removing something, you’re changing something, you’re not gonna keep doing it that way.

Lastly is T, which is teach. When you teach, you internalize, when you internalize, you own. When you teach something, it goes from your head into your heart into your soul. Basically it becomes your content if you will. So what I want to encourage you to do is to be a river, not a reservoir. A reservoir, the water hits and it sits. A river, the water hits and it runs through. So when the information comes in and [00:02:00] you apply and you change, then teach people, share with people what you’re learning, what you’re applying, what you’re changing, how it’s affecting you. Your goal is to own the content. The way to own it is to internalize it by teaching it.

Remember, ACT, A-C-T, Apply, Change and Teach will help you to overcome the personal development overwhelm of all the things that you’re learning. So guys remember this, your dreams and your goals are important, your pursuing them is worth it, and your accomplishing them [00:02:30] is necessary.