Have you ever had a moments when you feel like the “dots” of your life are connecting and you’re living your “higher calling”?

That is what’s happening to me right now. I want to share this experience with you because if I can help you succeed I will be fulfilling my life’s work. 

Last week (video above), I was in Costa Rica with John C. Maxwell (John is the world’s foremost authority on leadership). We’re launching his leadership training into this country. This is the 3rd country he has done this with. In Guatemala they have already trained over 531,000 people.

When we landed on Sunday last week, zero people in Costa Rica had been through John’s leadership training. Over the following 4 days, over 13,000 people were trained and had their live’s improved with his leadership message. 

Robert Schuller once said, “If you build the people the people will build the church”. This same idea is true of building leaders. If you build the Leader you build the home, family, school, government, business, etc!

What is so ironic is John C. Maxwell is one of the people who helped to “build” me into a leader. I remember a specific time in my young career when I was driving home from an event that I had sold nothing at. I was very discouraged and on the verge of quitting on my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. As I drove I looked over and saw a CD series titled, “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell” (I cannot remember how I got it.)

I put it in and at that moment it is exactly what I needed to keep going! I have often wondered what would have happened to my life and to the life of so many others if I would have quit and not been “built up” by John at that time.

I feel called to spend my life talking about things that matter with people who care. I’m honored and humbled to be part of that experience in Costa Rica and excited to be on this journey with you. 

I’m committed to continuing to provide you the very best, most relevant, powerful, up-to-date leadership training that you can find anywhere to help you become the person you’re looking to become.

Remember, your dreams and goals are important. Your pursuing them is worth it and your accomplishing them is necessary.