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Work-Life “Balance” is a Myth!

Work-Life “Balance” is a Myth!

If you’re like me, your #1 priority is your family.

I believe that no success outside the home can compensate for failure inside the home.

However, I believe that finding a “work/life” balance is a myth and if you’re trying to chase it you will forever be left wanting.

So, how do you “do it all”?

How do you actually balance work and life?

These 3 tips from the beach in Adelaide, Australia will help you build a big business as you raise a strong family.

Check out the video below!

Excited to see your feedback and insights in the comments.

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  1. 6!!!! Thank you Justin- Oh My Gosh Finally after 7.5 yrs in this industry Clarity I can apply and it feels good!!! I have tried to “BALANCE” being mom to my 5 awesome kids and a grandson , and make sure I’m a good wife- supporting my husband as he builds his career and passions too! And yes I have always failed in my mind trying to find this balance and this just made so much sense!!

  2. Awesome!!! I love this mindset!
    My family see’s me working more now that I have my own business. I am driven and I am busier in a different way. Which is needed to be successful! I also have carved out family time and include them different successes I have accomplished along the way! I also took a grandma day and a date date this past week. I also work on things around my family so I am at least in the same company! But this really helped me with uplifting the guilt cloud! There are things I have to accomplish and have to work on. I set goals to reach but I am chunky times to still be me with my fam! I love the way you delivered this information! Thanks!

  3. Thanks Justin, I love this idea of integration rather than balance. This has given me so much more clarity.

  4. Well Said !!! Well Said !!! Well Said !!!

    I will definitely utilize INTEGRATION in my never ending Entreprenuer Life!

    Blesssss 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Las Vegas

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